This Toyota 86 Time Attack Car Uses the V10 From a BMW M5

Putting all that power in such a small chassis makes for one hell of a track monster.

YouTubeHigh Performance Academy

The Toyota 86 chassis is no stranger to engine swaps. We've seen everything from Ferrari V8s to quad-turbo V12s dropped into its engine bay in the past. This swap, though, is something we haven't seen yet.

Zoom Garage built a Toyota 86 race car for the World Time Attack Challenge using the 5.0-liter S85 V10 engine from the E60-generation M5. With a little transmission wall cutting, the team was able to fit the six-speed gearbox from an E92 M3. In its current tune, the S85 produces 520 horsepower thanks to fuel pump and injector upgrades, as well as E85 fuel.

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According to Zoom Garage, the V10 is just 44 pounds heavier than the stock engine thanks to the inclusion of a dry sump oil system. Weight distribution is 52 percent front, 48 percent rear. That motor is no joke—I own an E60-generation M5, and the best part about it is the engine, by far.

Unsurprisingly, all that power in such a small chassis makes for one hell of a time attack car. Watch for yourself as High Performance Academy walks you through the build.

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