What's the Best-Sounding Race Car on Earth?

Racing cars have produced some of the greatest noises ever. Which is your favorite?

Gerlach DelissenGetty Images

When it comes to exhaust sounds, it's hard to beat a proper race car. Unlike road cars, race cars aren't always restricted by mufflers or emissions systems, which means they're allowed to breathe freely and create some of the best noises on earth. Which race car sound is your favorite?

I'm personally fond of the Corvette C7.R. In a sea of turbocharged V6s and diesel hybrids, it's reassuring that at least one car in today's sports-car grids can still make a sound as triumphant as the C7's. It's a thunderous roar, and I highly recommend listening to one at full-throttle in person if you ever get the chance. This video is the next best thing.

Now we'd like to know: Which race car to you think makes the best sound? Your choice doesn't have to be something currently racing like the C7.R, either—it could be any race car, as long as you think it makes a great sound. Let us know in the comments below.

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