What's the Best Racing Livery?

Over the years, race cars have worn all sorts of awesome liveries. Which is your favorite?


When it comes to racing livery design, everyone has a favorite. What's yours?

Mine has to be the livery worn by the BMW M6 GTLM art car designed by John Baldessari. It's not a traditionally stylized livery per se, as it's really just a collection of colorful dots, the word FAST printed on one side, and a picture of the car's profile pictured on the other. It's delightfully strange and different, something you rarely see in the world of modern race car liveries. I wonder sometimes what my M5 would look like with this design. Probably pretty strange.


Now we'd like to know: Which race car livery to you like the most? It doesn't have to be anything new or strange like the John Baldessari M6 GTLM art car, either—your choice could be anything, as long as it's a racing livery you love. Let us know in the comments below.

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