Hey, Why Not Watch Some Miata Racing This Weekend?

Miatas at Mid-Ohio. Need we say more?

Barber Motorsports Park 2018
Al Arena

This weekend, IndyCar is headed to Mid-Ohio, and the Mazda MX-5 Cup will be there, too, with supporting races on Saturday and Sunday. Both will be streaming live on YouTube, and we really think you should give them a watch.

With just over 155 horsepower on tap, Mazda's current MX-5 Cup car pales in comparison to the 700--hp open-wheel machines that IndyCar runs, but that doesn't make for bad racing. On the contrary, MX-5 Cup has a ton of tight competition. A Mazda Motorsports rep told us there have been 1352 passes so far in this season of MX-5 Cup, which is three times as many as F1 had in total last year.

And the best part? The livestreams are free. So you don't even need a TV to watch some great racing.

The first race will be held Saturday at 11:35 AM Eastern. Watch it here:

And the Sunday race starts earlier, at 10:05 AM Eastern. Watch it here:

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