This Widebody 1-Series Rally Car Has the Heart of an E46 M3

It looks like a 1 Series M, but sounds like a mid-2000s BMW race car.

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At first glance, this car looks like a 1-Series M that's been upgraded for rally duty. The flared fenders and aggressive front fascia are pretty easy to identify, after all. But really, it's just a normal 1-Series coupe that's been modified to look like a 1-Series M. So while it's not the super-rare full-fledged M car going racing, it's still pretty cool. Why? Well, just watch.

This car, owned by , had its original engine removed and replaced with a naturally aspirated S54 straight-six sourced from an E46-generation M3, meaning at least 330 horsepower going to the rear wheels. It sounds a lot better than the standard 1-Series M, and looks just as good.

And it's not like this thing is just for show. It's been been raced for years in Europe with . Check it out as it takes flight and gets sideways:

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