BMW Will Sell You an M4 GT4 Race Car for $190,000

That's quite a lot more than the $67,000 street car, but not unreasonable for a full race machine.


For $67,195 BMW will sell you , a proverbial race car for the street; however, for just a smidge less than $190,000, the German company will sell you an actual race car. The BMW M4 GT4 is now available for order, and unsurprisingly the twin-turbocharged coupe means serious business. The 187-inch long race car wears a carbon-fiber hood from , a pair of carbon-fiber doors, and a host of aerodynamic add-ons, including front splitters and a massive rear wing. BMW also equips the stripped-out M4 GT4 with the seat, brakes, and pedal box from GT3 race car. Those brakes comprise of chunky 15.4-inch front and 14-inch rear rotors, with calipers using six pistons in front and four piston at the rear.

Other racing upgrades include a built-in air jack, adjustable anti-roll bars, a set of Öhlins shocks, and an adjustable spring at each corner. While BMW went to town on the M4 GT4’s suspension components, the company played it safe with the powertrain, since require that the basic engine—including its position, location, and orientation—remain original. As such, the M4 GT4’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six can be traced back to the production M4. Fitted with a racing exhaust, the engine produces 431 hp, just six more than the production car. All of that power is sent rearward via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that’s been programmed for racing. Meanwhile, a massive 33-gallon fuel tank stretches the distance between pit stops.

BMW notes that customers will have the opportunity to begin racing the M4 GT4 in 2018, with the first customer cars expected to enter . Until then, BMW’s factory team is waving the M4 GT4’s flag at racing events around the world, with the car making its debut at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in Nürburg, Germany.

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