A Snow-Filled Car Can't Stop This Rally Racer

"Well, it still drives!"

YouTubeCrazy Leo

Canadian rally racer hit a snow bank hard at . The impact blew out his Subaru's passenger-side window and filled the car with snow. And if you think that forced him to retire, you don't know rally drivers.

Crazy Leo and co-driver Alex Kihurani nursed the Subaru to the end of the stage, and went on to place 2nd overall in the rally. Perseverance pays off, evidently.

In a video description on his YouTube channel, Crazy Leo says the crash was a result of a set-up issue where his car snapped into oversteer on corner entry. The video of the crash, and subsequent driving of the snow-filled car is hilarious. Crazy Leo and Kihurani have to clear snow off the dashboard with their feet, as they're harnessed into the car. They also battle frozen hands as they head towards the finish line.

Watch the expletive-filled video below. It's a hilarious capture of classic rally driver antics.

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