Mercedes Reportedly Wants Valtteri Bottas as Rosberg's Replacement

Mercedes Petronas F1 has apparently made Williams a substantial offer for the Finnish driver.

Lars BaronGetty Images

If you haven't already heard, recently crowned Formula One Champion Nico Rosberg retired earlier this month, just five days after clinching the title in Abu Dhabi. His sudden departure has left the Mercedes Petronas F1 team scrambling to find a replacement, and it looks like Williams driver Valtteri Bottas might be the team's first pick.

According to , Mercedes F1 director Toto Wolff has already approached the Williams team with an offer to release Bottas from his contract, which Williams reportedly declined.

The proposal involved the Mercedes Petronas team giving Williams—which currently uses Mercedes powertrains—a substantial €10 million ($10.61 million) discount on next year's supply of engines. It also gave Williams the option to use Mercedes reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein to fill its theoretically empty seat.

The 27 year-old Finn has started 77 races since ending up at Williams in 2013. He has yet to win a race, but has landed on the podium nine times. With a dominant team such as Mercedes backing him, there's no telling how fast he can go.


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