On Wikipedia, Lewis Hamilton is already the 2014 F1 champ


The beauty of Wikipedia is that it provides instant access to a lot of information. The tragedy of Wikipedia is that the public can edit it, meaning it can be a fountain of misinformation. Sometimes, though, people just do stuff for laughs. This is one of those times.

Marshall Pruett points out that the has been modified by a Lewis Hamilton aficionado who gives the Brit a win in the eight remaining races this season. As for current Driver's Championship standings leader Nico Rosberg? Eight consecutive retirements. Here's a screencap:


That's a lot of trouble with the car for poor Nico.

The math is a mess, too, as Will Buxton points out:

Their maths is worse than mine. That many wins V DNFs and no points diff since HUN

— Will Buxton (@wbuxtonofficial)

But hey, it's Wikipedia, after all.

UPDATE: The entry has been fixed. Obviously by some Lewis hater ...

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