Watch an Ace Driver in a $1M Porsche Battle 700 HP Vintage Racers

At its core, the 18-minute battle between factory Porsche driver Patrick Long and the cars ahead of him could be described as "300 vs 700."


The delightful 1975 Porsche 3.0 Carrera RSR Long piloted during last weekend's Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion has an amazing history, and despite its provenance, the brutes in Long's class have more than double the horsepower at their disposal.

Long's Carrera RSR was produced before the German manufacturer began to regularly fit its GT racers with turbocharged versions of the legendary flat-6 engine, and with just over 300 hp on tap, the Californian was helpless to respond to the monstrous Porsche 935 turbos and ground-shaking American iron on Monterey's straights. Even some of the non-turbo cars have Patrick covered in the drag race between the turns. In the corners, however, Long's mastery comes into play where the 24 Hours of Le Mans winner demonstrates his supreme talent and claws back some of the missing time.

If you enjoy watching one of the finest drivers of his generation extract every ounce of potential from an incredibly rare IMSA GT Porsche, sit back and marvel at Patrick's work. The Porsche's steering wheel is rarely straight as Long puts on a clinic looking for a way past a faster car, and also sets his sights on a 935 or two...

"It was great to qualify up near the front, but being among the big bore Corvettes and turbo 935s left me in a bit of a pickle," Long said after putting on a rear-engine tutorial. "I could only challenge in the braking zones and downhill sections, due to being down nearly 400 hp to the cars I was chasing, but it was still very enjoyable. I kept reminding myself that my ride was incredibly rare—it's one of one--and carries a seven-figure value. But the owner encourages me to drive it hard, and he also asks me to bring it back sans donuts on the doors. It was mission accomplished at Monterey and another great experience."

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