2018 Genesis G80 Sport
Kevin McCauley

Against the amber-tinged and menacing late summer sky, there's a variety of thoughtful exterior details that jump out to help differentiate the from its less potent siblings. Looking closer, Genesis imbued the model with subtle gestures that hint at the powerful engine and purposefully-engineered performance bits beneath the surface. We asked automotive photographer Kevin McCauley to help pull out the unique elements of the car against the backdrop of golden hour in New York's Hudson Valley.

The Genesis G80 Sport, the first-ever sports sedan from the brand, is a balanced expression of what’s to come. “I think it’s exciting to see a new performance sedan," says McCauley, "and how it’s gone against all these industry-standard clichés with some of the details and finishing.”

Touches of copper, a new brand signature, make their debut here accenting the Sport-specific dimensional grille. Smoked LED headlights are set-off with tasteful accents of the precious metal while neatly textured wheel center caps complete the transformation. “It’s really rare to see something with a hue to it.” McCauley adds, “it stands out, but it’s not overbearing." It's these unique expressions of performance that help elevate the Genesis G80 Sport to a level of intrigue that make it perfect for civilized jaunts through the New York countryside.

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