2012 Chevy Corvette Z06 Laps Nürburgring at 7:22.68!

A with the Z07 chassis package lapped the Nürburgring in 7:22.68, an effort 20 seconds faster than the previous Z06 record and just 3 sec. shy of the . An impressive feat considering the improved Z06 still retails for under $100,000.

Shod with new high performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, the chassis was engineered around the tires — the suspension system including the magnetic selective ride was retuned, improvements were made to the aero and new wheels were swapped out to save a total of 5 lb. The customizable ZR1 performance traction management system was added to the Z06. As a result, performance has been enhanced proven by the 6 ft shorter 60-0 mph braking distance, a total that's just over 100 ft.

Driven by Jim Mero, chassis development engineer for Corvette, he is no stranger to the Nordschleife — he tested the ZR1. Check out the video, complete with realtime g-levels, to see Mero in all of this 7:22.68 glory.

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