The New A8 Will Be the Last 12-Cylinder Audi

The W12 engine found in the newly unveiled A8 will not be replaced next generation.


Earlier this week we heard, via , that Audi has no plans to build a successor to the current R8 supercar. Well, according to another report, the R8 isn't the only big-engine Audi going away. The W12-powered variant of the A8 is set for the chopping block as well.

In a discussion , Peter Mertens, Audi's R&D boss, revealed to journalists at the Geneva Motor Show that the Audi A8's 585-horsepower W12 trim is not long for this world. “We will not have the 12-cylinder forever,” Mertens said. “There are customers who really want the 12-cylinder and they are happy with it and are going to get it," he added. "But this is going to be the last installation."

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Audi revealed the current A8 in 2017; assuming the W12 is available for the full lifespan of this model, 12-cylinder fans will likely have several years to get their large-displacement Audi. And if you're a fan of VW Group's compact 12-pot engine, don't worry—Bentley has no intention of getting rid of the engine, which featured most recently in the all new Continental GT packing 626 horsepower.

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