Pagani, The World's Best-Selling Automaker, Recalls Millions of Huayra BCs and Roadsters

Horrible news from the Italian automaker.


If there's one thing we're sure of, it's that you know someone who owns a Pagani. There are likely dozens in the parking lot outside work, most kids at school are dropped off in one. The Huayra BC and Roadster, the newest models from the Italian automaker, are already breaking sales records across the globe. That's why it's nuts that

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In a recall notice posted by NHTSA today, Pagani said that it is recalling every example of the Huayra BC and Roadster in the United States . Apparently it might not be able to start the car, and, if it does start it, might not be able to keep it running. This is terrible news for millions across the country who traded in RAV-4s and CR-Vs for the new Italian supercars, people who believed that the boutique Italian automakers was now the new byword in reliability.

The worse news is that Pagani doesn't yet have a fix for the issue, meaning that the millions of Huayra drivers out there will risk being stranded every time they get in their cars.

Wait. What's that? Oh. We've just been informed that there aren't millions of Huayras being recalled. There are 16, total. Still, it's bad news for the owners who will likely need to use their Civic or Elantra to get around until the Huayra is fixed. Excuse me? Huh? They have Rolls Royces? Oh. Ok.

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