The Bugatti Chiron Can Show Your Top Speed on Its Climate Control Displays

Better hope the police don't find this feature.


Jeremy Clarkson had published in the Sunday Times yesterday, and no surprise, he loved it. One detail stuck out, however. He revealed something we hadn't heard about the Chiron: the fact that it has the world's coolest trip computer.

"There’s a secret button that you really don’t want the police to know about. But if you push it, the digital air-conditioning readouts will quietly inform you what speed you’ve been averaging. Often I’d sneak a look. And often it came up with a figure over 120mph. That’s an average. On a mountain road (which was closed to the public, since you ask). Like I said. It’s ridiculous."

We reached out to Bugatti about this, and a company spokesperson confirmed to us that it is indeed a feature.


On the bottom climate control knob, there's a button with arrows pointed left and right. Hold that button down, and you'll enter one of four modes that shows recent trip information on the climate control displays.

One mode called Cruise displays average speed, travel time, average torque, and fuel consumption. Another shows top speed, and maximum horsepower and torque achieved during that drive. We like that mode. Bugatti's spokesperson hasn't yet told us what the other two modes display, but we'll update if they inform us.

This is an interesting solution for a car that doesn't have a central display, but instead two digital screens in the gauge cluster. And honestly? It's just cool. Who wouldn't want a button that shows you how fast you went and the maximum amount of horsepower used on your most recent trip? It's a lot cooler than seeing your fuel economy.

But, as Clarkson points out, you definitely don't want cops figuring this one out.

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