This 500 Watt, $500 LED Is the Perfect High-Beam for Your Rally Car Build

Don't look straight at it.

YouTubeDIY Perks

Take any piece of technology and it is virtually guaranteed that someone, somewhere is dedicated to making a version of it that is so powerful and highly-engineered that it's hard to imagine anyone could want it. In the world of lighting, look no further than —a $500, 500 watt LED.

The DIY flashlight scene has turned out some monsters like , , and . But while each of those beasts is impressive, this 500-watt blaster is remarkable for being one, single, tiny unit. Of course it gets so hot that you'll need to attach it to a giant, loud heatsink to keep it from melting itself down when operating at full capacity. But , when you get the thing properly juiced up and running at its max, it's incredibly bright. At least you have to assume, since video can hardly do it justice.

This LED justifies its bonkers price tag both through the color quality of the light it spits out, but also its minute form factor. As DIY Perks notes, it's much easier to control a beam of light when it emanates from a source that's as close to a single point as possible. Similarly powerful LEDs that are much larger would be much more difficult to direct and control.

The odds that you need a light that is both this bright and this small are pretty slim, but there's no doubt that when the sun goes down, this is one of the more faithful ways to replace it.


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