SSC Presents the Sound of the 1750HP Tuatara

SSC North America's engine partner, Nelson Racing put the twin-turbo 5.9 V8 on the dyno.

SSC North America

In 2011, SSC North America presented a white Tuatara design concept at Pebble Beach. Their proposed supercar was named after lizard-like reptiles, and penned by Jason Castriota of Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina fame. Seven years and a full model cycle later, SSC came back with a grey concept of the same nature. Yet this time, the company also claims to have an engine for it: A twin-turbo V8 built by Nelson Racing Engines, producing , or 1350hp on pump gas.

And put on the dyno, their V8 sounds like this:

Back in 2013, SSC advertised the Tuatara with a 7-liter twin-turbo V8, an engine that was also supposed to produce 1700 horsepower. Now, with this new motor, SSC is once again aiming for the 300 mph mark, which would make the Tuatara faster than the current record holder Koenigsegg Agera RS. As they put it...

"SSC has full confidence in the Tuatara's goal of exceeding 300 mph with a margin of error."

With a claimed drag figure of 0.279 Cd, SSC has roughly the same chance of beating the big guns as Hennessey, who's Venom F5 feels equally far from being production ready, despite showing off its "totally bespoke" 1600 horsepower engine next to SSC's prototype at Pebble Beach this summer.

While SSC is planning to produce 100 Tuataras in West Richland, Washington, Hennessey is only going to built 24 Venom F5s in Texas. But while we wait for those to appear, it's also fun to try guessing when Koenigsegg can prove the Regera's top speed. Probably sooner than Bugatti the Chiron's.

SSC North America
Brooks Ayola
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