Tesla Model S gets a special performance pack

In addition to driving goodies, range is improved slightly


Even though Tesla's Model S handles the twisties quite admirably in stock form, the automaker decided to increase the sporty nature of the electric sedan
by tweaking its handling bits and pieces. Revealed by , Tesla is offering the fruits of those R&D labors to current and future Model S owners as part of a new
Performance Plus options package.

For a mere $6,500, Model S buyers can get a fairly comprehensive overhaul up under that slick-looking sheet-metal: upgraded dampers, bushings, and
anti-roll bars are among the upgrades. Unfortunately, the package also requires Model S buyers to upgrade to the 21-inch wheels—which come with
staggered-width, high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires—adding another $3,500 to cost of the cost of the upgrade.

In addition to grip, Performance Plus will also reportedly improve range by 6 to 12 miles, relative to stock Model S sedans with the 21-inch wheels.

The Performance Plus package will be available on both the Model S and Model S Performance with either the 60- or 85-kWh battery packs. Current owners of
the Model S Performance sedan can get the package as a retrofit, too, but it'll cost quite a bit more.


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