The New Corvette ZR1 Sounds Amazing

Watch as it terrorizes an unsuspecting Mercedes E-Class at the Nurburgring.

YouTube/Carspotter Jeroen

The Corvette ZR1 was rumored to make its debut at the recent IMSA race at Road America. That didn't happen; prototypes are still running around the Nurburgring doing final development work. This video, from , doesn't reveal anything new about the ZR1, but it's still a fun watch. Just listen to all that supercharged V8 fury.

The car seen here is outfitted with the odd left-facing exhaust pipes we've seen other ZR1s sporting. These pipes apparently help Chevy get around noise regulations at the Nürburgring, but regardless, the ZR1 doesn't seem to be lacking in volume at all.

This car has the larger of the two wings we've seen fitted to ZR1 prototypes. You can also hear the ZR1's distinct supercharger whine as it passes the camera.

In this video, the ZR1 is absolutely flying around the track. In one shot, it terrorizes an unsuspecting Mercedes E-Class sedan, and in another, it tears down the Nurburgring's back straight, bouncing off the rev limiter before getting off the brakes.

The ZR1 is still rumored to make its debut sometime this summer, perhaps at another IMSA race or an event at the Corvette Museum. We can't wait to see it.

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