Watch a BMW X4 M Prototype Hustling at the Nurburgring

BMW's strangely shaped entry-level crossover gets the M treatment.


It seems BMW is on a roll testing the M versions of its high-riding utility vehicles. Last week, we saw both X3 M and X5 M mules testing on the Nurburgring ahead of their eventual reveal. Now, the remaining X-branded crossover, the X4 M, looks to have joined the party.

Nurburgring YouTuber spotted this partially camouflaged BMW X4 M testing at the limit on the Nordschleife during a recent industry test pool session. Why do we think it's a proper X4 M and not some mid-tier M Sport trim? Well, the most telling sign is the exhaust setup—four exits, two on each side, a signature feature of every modern M car. Also, it seems to be going pretty quickly. Here, watch the video and judge for yourself.

If you can't see the YouTube video above, .

There's no official word on what sort of engine will power the X4 M, but like its X3 M sibling, we're guessing it'll be a version of the twin-turbo straight-six found in the current M2 Competition, M3, and M4—but that's just our own speculation.

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