This Might Be the Bugatti Chiron Test Mule

The headlights are quite similar to those on the Vision GT's.


Uploaded onto Gustav's/'s yesterday are photos of what appears to be some kind of Bugatti-bred test mule. According to  went to Bugatti's home in Molsheim and returned with these photos. 

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thinks that this is a crash mule version of the Veyron's successor, the Chiron. We're not confident enough to call it that, as the photos show nothing except a front left headlamp and a bit of windshield. There's no denying the Bugatti Vision GT-esque shape of the headlamp, though. 

We do know that the Vision GT concept that was unveiled at Frankfurt had a working motor, so seeing something unnamed skulking around Molsheim is the logical next step. Do you think it's a Chiron? Take a look at the photos and decide.

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