Aston Martin Will 3D Scan Owners' Bodies For Valkyrie Hypercar Seats

So, what does that mean for the second owner?

Aston Martin

Some among us will buy an simply because it is the latest, greatest, most super thing on the scene. Others will buy it because cranking “The Immigrant Song” in an ’81 Monte Carlo has lost its allure. And then there are those who will purchase the Adrian Newey–designed hypercar because they’re in search of an LMP experience for the road, and that old just doesn’t cut the mustard in this day and age. (Though, to be fair, we believe a roadgoing 962 will always cut the mustard.)

Part of the modern experience is that race cars are digitally tailored to fit their drivers. In the world of Warbucks-money sports cars, custom seats are not uncommon. Ferrari set up the ’s nonadjustable seat to fit the owner. But Aston is going a step further, pulling a page from Pininfarina’s program book and actually 3D-scanning the bodies of owners to mold a seat that suits its driver down to the oddest little proportions

Over at CNBC, Aston’s Asia-Pacific president, Patrik Nilsson, to Uptin Saiidi during an otherwise somewhat mundane rundown that doesn’t leave us any new breadcrumbs, other than that the Valkyrie seemingly won’t compete with the and of the world in a top-speed war.

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