A More Hardcore Version of the Honda Civic Type R Is On Its Way

Civic chief engineer Hideki Matsumoto just confirmed that Honda has lots of things planned for its hottest hatch.


Running around the Nurburgring quicker than any front-wheel drive car before it, you can't accuse the Honda Civic Type R of being soft. And yet, that a more hardcore version of the Civic Type R is already in the works. Honda is also considering building even more variants of the Type R to cater to different enthusiast needs.

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Automotive News spoke with Hideki Matsumoto, the lead engineer of the Civic at the Type R's recent press launch. "We’re hoping that by gradually putting out more [variants] that we’ll be able to maintain a more stable sales volume [for the Type R]," he said.

The first Civic Type R variant will be a more hardcore version with more horsepower than the base model's 305. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a less hardcore Type R "focused more on the grand touring aspect," according to Matsumoto, is under consideration.

Interestingly, Automotive News also reports that an all-wheel drive version of the Type R is a possibility. Matsumoto said that he wanted the first Civic Type R in the US to be a reflection of previous models—light, powerful, and front-wheel drive—but apparently, he's leaving the door open for radical new versions.

Currently, Honda doesn't offer all-wheel drive on any Civic model, so it's unclear what sort of AWD system the Civic Type R would receive. Automotive News notes that most of the Type R's rivals—the Subaru WRX, Ford Focus RS, and Volkswagen Golf R—all offer all-wheel drive as standard.

The Civic Type R is already a very impressive car, so it'll be interesting to see what Honda will cook up next for it. An all-wheel drive Civic Type R is certainly an intriguing possibility.

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