Red Bull might build a street-legal supercar

The energy drink company with the majorly competitive Formula 1 team is daydreaming about building a road car.


The Red Bull Formula 1 team may produce a roadgoing supercar, with company boss Christian Horner telling journalists at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that the idea is still being discussed.

We've been here before, however. Red Bull first said it was looking to collaborate with Nissan on a road-car project as , and the following year Horner said that he wanted to grow the Red Bull brand outside of Formula 1.

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According to Britain's Autocar, Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey is considering potential designs, with Horner saying the Formula 1 designer is very keen to do it as a ""

So far, Red Bull's involvement with road cars has been limited to the collaboration over the Infiniti , which still hasn't made it to production. The obvious technical partner for any roadgoing Red Bull project would be Infiniti, which is closely linked to the Formula 1 team—or potentially a wider collaboration with Nissan. But we would not expect a tie-up with Renault, after the disastrous unreliability of the engines the French company has been building for the Formula 1 team.

If Red Bull does decide to build a real car, it already has several virtual prototypes to choose from—the various Red Bull machines that have been designed with Newey's input for the franchise (pictured at top). Just build us one of those.

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