The New Ford Bronco Will Reportedly be Developed In Australia

Work on the long-awaited SUV will be done alongside the next Ranger.

Last month, the long-awaited return of the Ford Bronco and Ranger was confirmed, sending shockwaves through the car internet. Since the Bronco and Ranger will share a platform, it sounds a lot like the throwback SUV will be developed in Australia, which is where the current Ranger is engineered.

Shown above, a fan's imaginary rendering of what a 2020 Ford Bronco could look like,

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that Ford Australia will lead development of the new Bronco and Ranger, despite the fact that the Bronco will be built in the U.S. The current-generation Ranger, which isn't sold in the U.S., was developed by Ford Australia, and is built in Thailand, South America, and Argentina.

The new Bronco will be a direct rival to the wildly-popular Jeep Wrangler, so Ford reportedly purchased two- and four-door Wrangler Rubicons for benchmarking purposes. Motoring expects the new Bronco will use a shortened version of the Ranger's platform, and mechanically, the two will be quite similar.

Currently, the Ranger uses four- and five-cylinder diesels, which are expected to be carried over, but Motoring predicts the U.S.-market Bronco will get a gas-powered V6. Our pals at the Ranger will get an EcoBoost four-cylinder as an option, so expect that in the Bronco as well. The Bronco's engines will be mated to a low-range transfer case and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. We're praying the manual comes to the U.S.

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The Bronco is expected to arrive around 2019, possibly for the 2020 model year, and for Ford it can't come soon enough. Considering Jeep will have a new Wrangler next year, with a pickup version soon to follow, Ford needs to get the Bronco and Ranger to market.

Ford and Jeep might be fighting each other here, but since we're getting a host of retro off-roaders, we're the real winners here.

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