Electric Vehicles Yet to Convince British Buyers

Electric Vehicles Yet to Convince British Buyers

Recent research by YouGov SixthSense, carried out among UK drivers, has found that just under half of drivers (46%) disagree with the statement `electric cars are the only real future alternative', this compares to just a quarter of drivers (25%) that cumulatively agree with the statement. Their research found that the majority of drivers (69%) think electric cars offer only a limited alternative compared with 12% that disagree.

Just under half of car drivers (46%) agreed that other types of fuel and power sources offer a better longer-term alternative for cars than electricity. Half of all car drivers (50%) regard hydrogen as offering a better, longer-term alternative to electricity as a source of fuel for cars. A further 41% believe that more efficient petrol and diesel engines also offer a better longer-term alternative.

Of those respondents who own an alternative fuel car including fully electric, hybrid and other alternative fuels, 75% also own a petrol or diesel vehicle with 35% owning two or more.

Of those who own an alternative fuel car:

  • 63% own a hybrid (petrol/electric)
  • 10% own a compressed gas-fuelled car
  • 8% own a fully electric car
  • The Toyota Prius is the most widely owned alternative fuel car with 33% of alternative fuel car owners owning one.

    The main reason for purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle among nearly two-thirds of owners (64%) is a belief that it would be more cost-effective than owning a standard fuel car.

    Commenting on the findings, James McCoy, YouGov SixthSense research director said: "We've seen time and again... that, despite widespread concern over the environment, most consumers will only go green when it saves them money."


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