Tesla is, and isn't, building the Gigafactory in Reno

Musk is leveraging the massive factory for all he can.


At a site near Reno, Nevada, on what appears to be the location of its much-hyped "gigafactory," an enormous manufacturing complex intended to crank out lithium-ion batteries for Tesla cars. But Elon Musk's car company is still saying that the location of the factory is not decided.

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What gives? Bargaining and politics. The states of the Southwest that have been vying for the factory, and the jobs it would bring, are still competing to offer the best package of incentives to lure Tesla. Tesla Motors told its shareholders yesterday that the Nevada site could be the home of the gigafactory, but that California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas were all still in the running. Given that the factory will cost $5 billion, take up 10 million square feet of space, and employ 6,500 people, it's no wonder Musk wants to hold out for the best deal he can get.

As expected, Panasonic will be the tech partner on the Gigafactory. Tesla Motors laid out the particulars in a yesterday.

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