All the Changes Ford Made to Sell the Mustang in Europe

Pity our friends in England, who give up 25 horsepower in exchange for right-hand drive.


Ford finally started selling the iconic Mustang in Europe starting in 2014. Buyers in places like the U.K. were thrilled, but the Mustang they get has some pretty significant changes compared to the U.S. model.

Though the looks are largely the same, there are a bunch of minor details that vary from continent to continent. The taillight lenses, red on the U.S. spec model, are clear plastic with red illumination on European Mustangs. The hood vents on the domestic car are absent on the overseas version due to pedestrian safety legislation. Some side reflectors are differently colored, and the door mirrors are actually larger on the Euro-spec car thanks to different design and safety laws.

There's a few mechanical differences between the two cars as well. In America, we can option a short, 3.73 final gear ratio to our Mustangs, while European buyers are stuck with the longer 3.55 ratio.

Our friends in England and other right-hand drive nations make a very particular sacrifice: thanks to different steering packaging requiring different,more restrictive exhaust headers, leading to a loss of 25 horses from the 435-horsepower 5.0-liter V8.

And that's not all— is here to explain all the big and small changes Ford made to bring the Mustang to the rest of the world.

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