Magnus Walker talks Porsche with Xcar and an Irish Green beauty

I'll leave the envy puns to you.

Magnus Walker is a car guy through and through. It takes only 10-seconds or so of hearing the man wax poetically about any of his machines to know where his
passions lie. He may be a clothing entrepreneur, but his real love drinks petrol. If any of you have seen the documentary Urban Outlaw, you will already be
familiar with Magnus's love for das Germans.

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While Magnus has owned more Porsches than I have spent years walking this earth, today's video is focused on one of his favorites. This gem is an
unrestored 1966 wearing Irish Green paint. I would tell you about all the reasons why this car is unique and special, but its much better to hear it come
from Magnus himself. So grab a fresh cup of coffee this morning, sit down and spend the next fifteen or so minutes reveling in flat-six wail.

Be warned, this video has a terrible side effect, especially if you have a strong disposition to German metal like I do. It will cause an uncontrollable
desire to scour the classifieds for a 911 to call your own.

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