Audi Has an Ultra-Limited Motorsport R8 Now

Called the Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe Competition Package, and it comes with a three-way adjustable suspension, more carbon and downforce, and milled 20-inch wheels wrapped in cup rubber.

ZR1's 755-HP V8 Now Available as a Crate Engine

Get your project cars ready, the LT5 is now a crate motor.

2019 BMW X7: It's Big, Like the Tom Hanks Movie

Seriously, it's the biggest car BMW makes.

The First Evo Final Edition Still Hasn't Been Sold
It's sitting at a Brooklyn Mitsubishi dealer right now with 35 miles…
Nissan Commemorates GT-R With $178,000 Watch
If you're in Japan, you can custom order a Grand Seiko chronograph i…
BMW Wants Its Electric Cars to Look More Boring
BMW's i3 and i8 paired electric drivetrains with radical designs, but the next round of electric cars will be much more conventionally …
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FIA World Rally Championship Great Britain - Day Three
WRC's Sébastien Ogier Joins Citroën Again for 2019

The five-time world champion leaves Ford-backed M-Sport in hopes that Citroën can bounce back in 2019.

Porsche Panamera GTS Has All the Stuff You Want

Sitting between the regular Panamera and the top-dollar Panamera Turbo, the GTS is the sharper, quicker version for enthusiasts.

This Low-Mile Manual Toyota Supra Turbo Just Sold for $70,500

Clean and tastefully modified. For many, this is the perfect MkIV Supra.

Mercedes-AMG One Is Delayed Because Formula 1 Engines Aren't Great on Emissions

The Formula 1 engine that powers the AMG hypercar idles at 5000 RPM. That's not great for passing road car emissions tests.

The Electric Morgan Three-Wheeler You Love Has Been Postponed
Britain's oldest family-owned sports car company remains "committed" to its EV program, but takes a step back to "reevaluate" the techn…
Matt Farah Is Selling His Badass Fox-Body Mustang For Charity

It's up for auction on Bring a Trailer right now, and half of the proceeds will go to the charity of the buyer's choice.

Starting Today, You Won't Get a $7500 Tax Credit on a New Tesla

The federal tax credit only applies to the first 200,000 electric vehicles sold by a manufacturer, and Tesla has exceeded that number.

The Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record Team Needs $33 Million to Continue

Bloodhound Programme Ltd. has entered administration, which is the British equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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The Jaguar XJR-15 Is Barely a Road Car

This is a Le Mans-winning brute, made street legal.

Celebrate Morgan's 110th Birthday in Style

Morgan throws in a bunch of no cost extras with its ‘110 Anniversary’ 4/4s, Plus 4s, Roadsters and 3 Wheelers. Nice!

Robert Vaughn And Gene Winfield
A GoFundMe to Help Ailing Custom Car Icon Gene Winfield Just Raised $98,000

The legend of the custom car world broke a hip in Finland and can't fly back on a commercial flight.

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Watch a 1200-HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Rip a Nine-Second Quarter-Mile

The Trackhawk was already a monster in a straight line. A 4.5-liter supercharger from Hennessey turns it into something else entirely.

World Endurance Championship WEC - 6 Hours of Fuji
Watching Alonso Lap Fuji In a Toyota LMP1 Car is Damn Enjoyable

Great driver, great car, great track. Sit back and enjoy.

The MX-5 Cup Race Car Gets the Miata's New 181-HP Engine for 2019

It also gets a new ECU, as well as improvements to the transmission and cooling systems. Oh, and also a pretty big price bump.

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