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Bloodhound SSC Test Run in Photos

The first 0-200 mph run in the rocket-and-jet-powered car designed to break the 1000-mph barrier.

Going Supersonic in a Car Looks Utterly Terrifying
At one point, 90 degrees of steering input was needed to continue go…
Bloodhound SSC's 1000-MPH Run Postponed Until 2018
Weather, testing, and sponsorship delays strike Richard Noble's land…
Bloodhound SSC's Rocket Motor Doesn't Even Kick...
The car that will attempt to hit 1,000 mph has a jet engine to power…
October 14th Is the Fastest Day of the Year
On this day, three men broke the sound barrier: Chuck Yeager by airp…
Bloodhound SSC's 1000-mph attempt delayed until 2016
In the quest to break the 1000-mph barrier, the Bloodhound team discovers just how difficult rocket science can be.
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Bloodhound SSC's 1,000-mph parachutes tested with a 180-mph Jaguar
Andy Green used a Jaguar F-Type R to test the parachutes that will slow his rocket-car from 1,000 mph.
Bloodhound SSC pilot Andy Green shows us around his rocket car
What does it look like to sit inside a supersonic car? Bloodhound SSC pilot Andy Green gives us a quick tour of his office.
Fastest Man on Earth Visits Desert Race Track
Land Speed Record (LSR) holder Andy Green recently visited the Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa to view progr…
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