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Porsche 935 For Sale

Porsche just compared the 911 Turbo S to the 935. Walter Röhrl, who drove the 935, says it is far scarier.Now you can own one.

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One of racing's most famous engines gets a teardown, and we all get …
This Restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar is Perfect

Just look at that wing. And those wheels.

This 763-Horsepower 959 Can Keep Up With a 918
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1988 Porsche 959
All I want for Christmas is this $1.45MM Porsche 959
There's no way in hell I've been good enough this year to find this thing under my tree.
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1988 Porsche 959
PHOTOS: 1988 Porsche 959
This '88 Porsche 959 is up for sale. If you've got $1.45 million, it could be yours.
Bruce Canepa in a Gurney Trans-Am Mustang is better than coffee
Ride along with Bruce Canepa, the noted 959 importer and car fanatic, as he pilots Dan Gurney's 1969 Boss 302 Trans-Am Mustang to a vin…
This Canepa Design Porsche 959 is up for sale
This Canepa Design Porsche 959 is up for sale on eBay. With a price tag nudging $1 million, it must be something good.
Watch a $6,000,000 Porsche race car with 1000 hp drive on the street
After rebuilding the turbos on a 917/10, Bruce Canepa celebrated with a shakedown run on public streets. Watch it happen.
Bruce Canepa: Unleashing the Porsche 959¹s Inner Gonzo
For between $100,000 and $140,000price varies with specificationhe will hot rod your 959 up to 640 hp.
Bruce Canepa at Goodwood
Leave it to Bruce Canepa to charge up the hill at Goodwood in something unusual. In this case it is the Kenworth T2000 semi cab in whic…
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