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Thank Lotus for More Speed at Half a Ferrari Bill

In 1989, the four-cylinder Lotus Esprit Turbo SE was faster than a V12-powered Ferrari Testarossa, while also costing a lot less money.

The Lotus Designed to Replace the Elan Is for Sale
Lotus only built one prototype of the M90/X100 Elan replacement. And…
Watch F1's Greatest Car Take Its First Laps

On a cold day in 1967, a handful of Brits made history.

Throwback Press Photo of the Week: Lotus Esprit S2

Or, perhaps the greatest photo from the late-1970s.

Colin Chapman's first, gawkiest Lotus headed to...
This buck-toothed racer from 1951, the first customer car to wear th…
Synergize and add lightness: 5 great Lotus collaborations
Yesterday was Colin Chapmans birthday, so lets celebrate by taking a look at the 5 greatest gifts Lotus gave to other manufacturers.
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How filthy mud trials ultimately led to the Lotus Seven
Before the iconic Lotus Seven, there were the Lotuses One through Six, and they were built to get dirty. Watch how lightweight, off-roa…
Six Degrees of Colin Chapman
This week marks the anniversary of Colin Chapman's death in December 1982. Though he was only 54 years old, the British engineer's work…
Photos: Six Degrees of Colin Chapman
We remember Colin Chapman by looking at six cars influenced by his ideas.
Ride like Colin Chapman
The new Spot Wazee features a Lotus-inspired paint scheme and a near-silent belt drive in place of the old chain. Rad.
Revisiting F1's "Banned-Aids"
A round-up of some F1 technology that was too good, or too dangerous, to be allowed to work, as well as one that was given a reprieve.
Evora Escapade
Searching for—and finding— Lotus' wonderful English heritage at the wheel of a new Evora.
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