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Vin Diesel announces Furious 8 is coming in April 2017
At Universal's CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, Diesel told the world that Furious 8 will be "the best movie you've ever seen."
Every crash from the first six Fast & Furious...
Six movies, 110 crashes. That averages out to AWESOME.
Buy this Paul Walker Supra from "The Fast and the...
An original Toyota Supra stunt car used in The Fast and Furious head…
Original Fast & Furious Toyota Supra stunt car –...
This stunt car, used in the final drag race of the original Fast and…
How Dennis McCarthy built Furious 7's off-road...
The man who built Furious 7's gravity-defying fleet of stunt cars ex…
Physicist: Furious 7 skyscraper jump could totally work
A physics expert says Dom's flying-car jump through three skyscrapers is Furious 7's "most plausible stunt."
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How Furious 7's stunt cars accomplish the unbelievable
Dennis McCarthy has been the picture car coordinator for five Furious movies. He told us the secrets behind Furious 7's cars.
Behind the scenes with Furious 7's skyscraper hypercar
The Lykan Hypersport is a $3.4 million beast. There are only 7 in the world. Dom Toretto crashes one through two skyscrapers.

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