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Jason Drives Is Back for Season Three

The third season of Jason Drives, a show about driving some of the most obscure vehicles on the planet, will premiere November 7th.

Unsurprisingly, a Propeller Car Isn't Very Good

There's a reason this type of layout never . . . took off.

A Handbuilt Aluminum VW Roadster
After WWII, ingenious Europeans turned scrap aluminum and VW Kubelwa…
Watch Two Grown Men Cram Into a Peel Trident and...
The world's smallest car isn't very roomy. Or well-ventilated. Or sa…
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What It's Like to Drive Henry Ford's First Car
The Ford Quadracycle was Henry's first foray into automobiles. We've…
This Hand-Built Rocket Car Is Your Ticket to Mars

Okay, so maybe not exactly, but just look at this thing!

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Why the 1951 Hoffman Is the Worst Car Ever

Because a wheelbase that's shorter than the width of the track is a good thing, right?

These ARE the droids you're looking for
Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky takes the racing-liveries-on-things-that-aren't-racing-cars to an excellent new level. behold, his Star War…