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SCG Can Now Sell Its Crazy Cars in the US

SCG announced today that it was just granted low-volume manufacturer status in the US. That means it can now sell street cars that don't have to meet certain safety and emissions standards.

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Jim Glickenhaus Has the Perfect Burn for the Salesman that Offered Him an R8 LMS

Note: Do research before offering a team that builds its own cars a race car.

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The Latest SCG 003C Looks Perfect In White

It's the fifth SCG 003 built so far, and the first of the customer race cars, set to debut in Belgium.

Jim Glickenhaus's $1.3 Million, 800-HP Street Legal SCG 003 Is Here
We rode in the first fully street-legal version of SCG's street-legal supercar that can drive to the Nurburgring, then race for 24 hour…
PHOTOS: The Street-Legal SCG 003CS

Behind the scenes at our ride in the first street-legal SCG 003CS.

Watch Scuderia Glickenhaus's Racer Set a New Hockenheim Lap Record
SCG003C, Jim Glickenhaus's racer, beats the Porsche 918 Spyder's lap time by more than four seconds.
Glickenhaus withdraws SCG 003C after practice shunt
No. 40 car, driven by Ken Dobson, had an off last night during the run-up to the Nurburgring 24. Thankfully, Dobson is fine. The car, h…
SCG 003 is too loud for the Nürburgring
Both of Jim Glickenhaus' new cars were black-flagged for sounding too awesome.
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S - Official Photos
Here it is, the road-going variant of Jim Glickenhaus' new supercar project: SCG003S. The "S" is for Stradale, and unlike Jim's past pr…
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Watch Jim Glickenhaus's SCG 003C test in Italy
Recreating the era of the real-world-drivable race car.
Glickenhaus SCG 003C at Vallelunga - Photo Gallery
Race on Sunday, drive home on Sunday. That's the premise behind this incredible car.

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