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SHO Stands For Super High Output And Robocop Looks

Ford's Yamaha-powered sleeper from the '90s is a great deal to be had, available with leather and a manual box.

The Honda Insight Created Data-Driven Hypermiling
The first hybrid on the US market, the original Insight is in many w…
The 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 has a Very Big Engine
With over seven liters of displacement under the hood, you'll be gla…
Subaru WRX STi: Actually Not That Good
The car community gives the STi so much praise that when you finally…
The 335i Is the Perfect Car for the Conformist
The BMW brand gives off a certain attitude, but are its cars worthwh…
Television Show Cars Are Truly Terrible to Drive

Sure, it looks cool, but when it comes to driving, this Charger can't so much as track straight.

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The Ducati 999 Satisfies the Need to Go Fast

Is this the best bike to scratch the speed itch?

All the Reasons Why a Yamaha R6 Is a Horrible First Bike

Thinking of getting your first motorcycle? A 600cc, 124-horsepower Yamaha is a very bad idea.

The Story Behind Regular Car Reviews

This video takes us behind the scenes of what makes RCR so great.

The Ford Focus RS Is the Ultimate Family Sports Car

Dying for an affordable performance car, but need to haul some kids around? Think Focus RS.

The 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Is Rolling Hyperbole

It's the last super-Mustang designed with input from Carroll Shelby. It's excessive to the extreme. And it's fantastic.

Gif of regular car reviews porsche 928 youtube
Americans Wanted the Porsche 928 Until They Actually Got it

Regular Car Reviews tackles the front-engine, water-cooled Porsche that was designed to replace the legendary 911.

The Cadillac XLR Is What Slumlords Think Rich People Drive

For when you want a Corvette that's not as good as a Corvette.

Sorry, Your C5 Corvette Isn't Going to Be a Collectible for a Long Time

It's going to be a while before the fifth-generation Corvette goes up in value. And for folks like us, that's totally fine.

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The Original Mini Is the UK's Counterpart to the Ford Mustang

This tiny, British city car is similar to our beloved Mustang, but not for the reasons you think.

A Stock 1960 Ford Falcon Is a Different Sort of Classic Car

It may share its bones with the original 1964 1/2 Mustang, but it's an entirely different experience.

Driving a Diesel Mercedes From When Mercedes Built Mercedeses
Mr. Regular takes a spin in a coupe from the built-like-a-bank-vault era of Mercedes-Benz.

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Driving a Chevy Chevette Will Make You Glad the Bad Old Days Are Over
Mr. Regular drives GM's bare-bones, rear-drive economy car, and realizes how far basic cars have come.

A 1997 Saturn SC2 Coupe is About as 1990s as a Car Can Get

More 1990s than The Mighty Mighty Bosstones?

There's No Reason the Jeep Wrangler Should Have Been a Success
The TJ-generation Wrangler was the last time a modern automaker sold a brand-new car that was so unflinchingly old.
Mr. Regular Explains the Downfall of the Fantastic Buell Ulysses

"A Buell is for someone who wants to ride a Harley, but also has some very progressive opinions on gun control."

LA-To-Portland and Back: Rage, Calm, Legal Weed, and Loaner Cars

An on-the-road diary from Regular Car Reviews's West Coast tour.

The 2002 Ford Thunderbird Is the Car You Always Thought About Owning

Because with the blue paint and the retro looks, it's still "subtle."

Which of These Corvettes Is the Best Corvette?

Mr. Regular goes to Corvettes at Carlisle to find out which Corvette is best Corvette.

Why the Honda Del Sol Could Never Become the "Next CRX"

Mr. Regular explains how the pop-top Honda fell short of being a true CRX successor.

Every Cars and Coffee Goes Exactly Like This
Mr. Regular's summary of this Sunday morning meetup is so spot-on, you'll never need to go to another one again.
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