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How the Ford GT's Crazy Innovative Suspension Work

The Ford GT can change its spring rate, damping and ride height with the twist of a dial. Here's how.

Why the New Ford GT Weighs More Than 3000 Pounds
It's a carbon-fiber monocoque with an all-aluminum engine and no hyb…
New Ford GT: 647 HP, 550 Lb-Ft, 216 MPH Top Speed
With a dry weight of 3054 lbs., the Ford GT's power-to-weight ratio …
The New Bronco Might Not Be a Reworked Everest
It'll still share a platform with the Everest, but Ford says the Bro…
First Ride: The All-New Ford GT

It's not a supercar. It's something entirely different.

The Ford GT Will Have Hydraulic Steering For Two Brilliant Reasons

One: Because it offers superior steering feel. Two: Because the height-adjustable suspension uses the same hydraulic pump.

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<p>"The car was designed and built based on the rules of a racing-series governing body, yet it will be a road car. Look at the way the air is managed over the bodywork, then look at the cabin space—it's all built to these rules, but it's absolutely beautiful.</p><p>Stunning but purposeful. And I love the fact that Ford is back in that moment it enjoyed in the Sixties."</p><p><em>Photograph by Josh Scott</em></p>
A Vast Majority of New Ford GTs Are Going to Previous GT Owners

Not as many are going to celebrities or influencers as you think.

Report: 2017 Raptor will make 450-hp from EcoBoost V6
During a TV interview at the 24 Hours of Daytona, Ford's Raj Nair dropped the number everyone's been waiting to hear
Take a closer look at how Ford designed the new GT
As it prepares to make its digital debut in Forza, a look into the design studio.
Ford's incorrigible speed freaks

It helps to have guys like them pulling strings.

The Business End: Raj Nair
Raj Nair has his hands on everything in the Ford product line. Here's what Editor-in-chief Larry Webster learned during a chat at the F…
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