Alfa Exec Clarifies Our Troubles With the Giulia
Alfa Romeo head Reid Bigland reached R&T to explain the issues we ha…
Week With a Car: 2017 BMW i3 With Range Extender
Sam Smith is R&T's resident BMW super-nerd. He spent a week driving …
Week With a (Rental) Car: 2016 Ford Focus SE
You ever throw a bag of pennies off a fourth-story balcony? Driving …
Watch The First-Ever Global MX-5 Cup Race Live...

Featuring R&T Editor-at-Large, Sam Smith

Standing Next to a 230 MPH IndyCar Will Change Your Notion of Speed
Since the dawn of the human race, surprising objects yowling directly into your colon have meant you are about to get eaten. Or that yo…
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The Allure of the Lotus Elan
Carefully baited trap or pure sports car? Maybe both.
Lotus Elan and Mazda Miata - Road Test Gallery
The first time Peter Egan drove a Lotus Elan, everything else he'd ever driven felt like a truck. That means, a real truck, as in Army …
Exclusive Test: Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer
Singer let us plop one Tudor Series driver, Leh Keen, into the seat of their reimagined Porsche 911 and rip through Mazda Raceway Lagun…
Flat Sex: Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer
Singer Vehicle Design turns old Porsches into six-figure dreams. The reality is almost too good for words.
Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer - Exclusive Photos
$390,000 for an ordinary 911 is absurd. But this is no ordinary 911. It is a jewel box of history and myth, a sort of greatest-hits Por…
The irrational appeal of the astonishingly slow car
After driving a Citroen 2CV for a week, exploring both semi-certain death and excessive hyperbole, Sam Smith discovers the allure of th…
The lost art and black magic of Weber Sidedraft carbs
The ubiquitous monster carburetor: Tame this, and the old school is your oyster.
Remembering the rhythm and grace of Denise McCluggage
The author discovered McCluggage at age 13. He didn't realize it then, but her writing and graceful professionalism made an indelible m…
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1970 BMW Alpina 2002ti
Alpina BMW 2002ti at Monterey - Photo Gallery
Sam Smith takes on the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in a perfectly prepared, and Alpina developed, 1970 BMW 2002ti
The lost art of the old-school racing gearbox
Sam Smith discovers the joys of the Hewland transaxle, workhorse of everything from Can-Am to Formula 1 to the author's Formula Ford.
Legends: Porsche 962 and 918 face off at Indy
Can Porsche's state-of-the-art supercar, the $848,000 918 Spyder, hang with the marque's epochal, Le Mans-winning 962 at IMS?
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The inscrutable juju of the perfectly dialed-in car
I am here to tell you that if you find the magic, chase it. Cars are like people: mostly the same on the surface, but you get the good …
My Year Of: 2003 Caterham Seven Super Sprint
It's terrible at the job of car, but also great at it, so Sam becomes acquainted with the quirks and wonder of a tiny Caterham Seven Su…
Photos: 2003 Caterham Seven Super Sprint
Check out photos of the 2003 Caterham Seven Super Sprint, formerly owned by Executive Editor Sam Smith.
An introduction to my automotive flaws and biases
Good journalism means owning your bias. Translation: Admit what you love and hate, admit that those opinions color your world, and then…
Sam Smith flogs an Alpina 2002ti at Laguna Seca
Video, photos, and everything you want to know about Executive Editor Sam Smith's epic track session driving BMW's Alpina 2002ti at the…
I'm racing this restored Alpina 2002 in Monterey
BMW has just finished a stunning restoration of this ex-Vasek Polak, Alpina-built 1970 2002ti. To celebrate, they've invited our Execut…
Smithology: A Lovely Terror
The heady, flop-sweaty wonder of race-car ownership.
500 words about cars: Carroll Shelby and Le Mans
The 24 Hours of Le Mans goes down this weekend. Read what makes the race special for Executive Editor Sam Smith.
Jaguar is selling a neutered V8 as a V6
This F-Type seems to have lost two cylinders somewhere. Also, it may be time to quit with the special editions, Porsche.
I have an awesome problem that involves Chris Harris and an M3
Sam Smith has the worst possible case of E30-fanboy-ism, recently aggravated by driving an M3 Group A car. And then, Chris Harris found…
The case for the manual transmission
Clutch pedals grow rarer by the day. Engineers tend to think they're irrelevant. Your neighbors think they're for Luddites. But we won'…
Photos: Sam Smith's 1965 Shelby GT350 replica
View photos from Sam Smith's journey to retrace the steps of Carroll Shelby in his own 1965 Shelby GT350 replica.
Smithology: Free kitten
For better or worse, Sam finds himself owning a Jaguar.