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The IIHS Finds the Chevy Volt Safer Than a Tesla

Gaining an even better score than Chevy's hybrid, the Toyota Prius Prime also managed to beat both the Model S and the BMW i3 in IIHS's crash test.

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New Chevrolet Models for 2013
The definitive 2013 research guide to the new cars by Chevrolet.
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2011 Chevrolet Volt
Is it an "augmented" electric? Whatever the name, range anxiety's a thing of the past.
2012 Chevrolet Volt
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General Motors will be replacing the 120-volt charging cords for most of the Chevrolet Volts it has sold. Apparently there is no need f…
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The reasons behind owning a Fisker or a Tesla are not very different from the desires of someone who owns a Lamborghini or Bentley.
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Chevrolet's auto-matons return to the silver screen. We get an up-close look at the cars set to star in the film.
2011 Chevrolet Volt Video
Chevrolet's extended-range electric is a reality, and sportier than expected.
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2011 Chevrolet Volt Performance Test Video
The Chevrolet Volt is a nicely normal, reasonably agile small sedan.
Video: BMW i Born Electric Trailer
BMW has dropped its latest teaser for the upcoming i brand in the form of a YouTube trailer simply titled Born Electric. Featuring the …
First Look: BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Hybrid Concept
Two BMWs were unveiled before a scrum of jetlagged journalists today; a little boxy car named the i3 Concept (previously known as the M…
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New York City Promotes Plug-In Hybrids and EVs
Never mind that the closest most New Yorkers will ever get to EV ownership is a monthly pass to the subway. The city that never sleeps …
Nissan Asks "What If Everything Ran on Gas?"
Heres a preview of a Nissan ad scheduled to hit on June 10. Its viral already, and weve heard that Chevy Volt proponents are less than …
Small Cars Safer Than Ever: Six Named Top Safety Pick
2011 Honda CR-Z front impact test As demand for small, fuel efficient cars has grown dramatically over the last few years, automakers h…
Americans Want 60 mpg Cars By 2025, According To Poll
The results of a poll released Monday claim that more than 60% of Americans would support a government mandate that automakers meet an …
Motorexpo Hits Downtown Los Angeles
If you work or live in downtown Los Angeles, anywhere near the Bank of America Plaza, you may have already seen 50 or more new cars on …
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Best Buy Looking To Sell Electric Vehicles In-Store
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Not Your Average Electric: Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt Named Top Safety Picks
Earth Day has come and gone, but some tree-huggers are still finding plenty of reasons to celebrate. Both the all-electric Nissan Leaf …
2011 Chevrolet Volt
Quick Review: 2011 Chevrolet Volt
The future is electric. Chevrolet wants to convince car buyers that electric vehicles can be worry-free when it comes to driving range.…
A Decade of CO2 Progress
It's worth remembering amid all the hype about electric vehicles, like Nissan's Leaf, and hybrids such as the Prius or range extenders …
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Curious About Chevy Volt Availability?
Well, I was too. Heres the latest from GM, which just announced today that it is speeding up the rollout of the Volt extended-range ele…
2011 North American Car of the Year
This years awards, the 18th, have an electric finish, with the Chevy Volt taking top honors.