diesel cars

Mercedes-Benz Stops Selling Diesel Cars in the US

Thanks to an ongoing federal investigation, Mercedes has decided to stop importing diesels into the US.

BMW M550d xDrive Touring: Quad-Turbo Diesel Power

And no, it's probably not coming to America.

Parking Lot Owner Ticketed for Storing VW TDI Cars
It turns out finding somewhere to put 100,000 cars is harder than it…
Watch This Diesel Corvette Hit the Drag Strip

Perhaps the first coal-rolling Corvette in the world.

Audi to Buy Back 25,000 Cheating TDIs in U.S.
Audi SUVs equipped with the 3.0-liter TDI V6 can't be fixed to meet …
Audi R&D Head Suspended For Lying About TDI Scandal Under Oath

Stefan Knirsch falsely claimed to have no knowledge of the VW Group's diesel emissions cheat.

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Predictably, Volkswagen Is Abandoning Diesels in the U.S.

The CEO of Volkswagen Group of America confirms the push for TDI cars is over.

Here's Exactly How Much Volkswagen Will Pay For Your Cheating TDI

Every model and year of cheating diesel Volkswagens, and how much VW will pay to buy it back.

<p>Your relatives may argue that the government is making an example out of Volkswagen, and that all the automakers are probably just as guilty. That's possibly true. But also consider that perhaps VW did what it did because the government regulations are too stifling for a diesel car to exist and remain competitive with its non-diesel brethren. Perhaps this was the work of a small group of rogue engineers, and that their actions should not represent the company at large.</p>
Germany Won't Fine Volkswagen for Emissions-Cheating TDIs

VW will have to fix its diesel vehicles to meet European emissions regulations, but the automaker won't pay a fine for cheating.

VW's TDI Solution Could Involve $10 Billion and a Fix That Never Happens
A source says Volkswagen will pay $6.5 billion to affected car owners, and $3.5 billion to the government, but the cars may never be fi…