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Cheap '90s Performance Cars Track Battle

A bunch of Hondas, a Miata, and a Volkswagen Corrado come together for this awesome track showdown.

The New 2100-Pound Suzuki Swift Hatch Makes 138 HP
Yet another new hatch we can't get in the United States debuts at Fr…
The Ford Fiesta ST Is Not Coming to America
In fact, it seems no version of the Fiesta will make it to our shore…
One of the Original Saab Prototypes Is for Sale
The third-oldest surviving Saab ever is about to cross the auction b…
BMW Could Bring the FWD 1-Series Sedan to the U.S.
The China-only compact sedan could make it to our shores by 2019, ac…
Watch This Widebody, Hayabusa-Powered Fiat 500 Demolish a Hillclimb

This might be the most hardcore Fiat we've ever seen.

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Honda Limited the Civic Si's Horsepower in the Name of Reliability
The 1.5-liter turbocharged Civic Si could make more than the factory 205 horsepower, but it probably couldn't do it for hundreds of tho…
This 260-HP Honda Del Sol Has The Coolest Power Hardtop America Never Got

It's also set up for track duty. A win-win in our books.

Here's How You Can Make Your Own Civic Si Hatch for $695

Why wait for the Si sedan to show up on dealer floors when you can make your own right now?

How the Honda Insight Created a Different Kind of Driving Enthusiasm

The first hybrid on the US market, the original Insight is in many ways the exact opposite of today's typical hybrid.

Watch Volkswagen Break its Own Front-Wheel-Drive Nurburgring Lap Record

The GTI Clubsport S shows itself up with a 7:47.19 Nordschleife lap time.

This TDI-Engined Smart Car Is Surprisingly Capable at the Drag Strip

With a 1.9-liter Volkswagen drivetrain, this little city car can put up some impressive quarter-mile times.

Audi R&D Head Suspended For Lying About TDI Scandal Under Oath

Stefan Knirsch falsely claimed to have no knowledge of the VW Group's diesel emissions cheat.

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This Handy Chart Tells You How Many Miles You Can Drive on Empty

Ever wonder what that fuel light really represents? Now you know.

Nissan Gives the Sentra a Turbo and a Six-Speed Stick

The 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo isn't the return of the SE-R, but it's a good start.

Toyota Takes the Ex-Scion iM Hatchback Rallying in America

The freshly rebranded Corolla will join the RAV4 Rally in Toyota's factory lineup at Lake Superior Performance Rally later this year.

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This Is the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback With a Turbo and a Stick Shift

Even more importantly, this is the basis for the new Civic Type R that's finally coming to the U.S.

<p>As GM's Australian car production ends soon, the <a href="" target="_blank">Chevrolet SS</a> isn't long for this world. It's the last GM car you can get with the ubiquitous LS3 V8, which makes 430 horsepower in this application. When equipped with Magnetic Ride suspension and a six-speed manual, the SS might secretly be one of the best sports sedans on sale right now. The LS V8 is one of the most beloved engines of all time, but there's a <a href="" target="_blank">good reason for that</a>. They're cheap, nearly indestructible, responsive, and easily tunable. We'll be sad to see it go, but thankful that it'll live on in crate form.</p>
A Buyer's Guide for Every New Car With a Manual Transmission

Three pedals are best.

These Are the 10 Most Frequently Stolen Cars in America

The National Insurance Crime Bureau tabulated the biggest theft targets of 2015. Is your car on the list?

Watch an 800-Horsepower Golf R Beat Beat Every Car at a Drag Race

This VR6 swapped, twin-turbo Golf is a supercar-beating wolf in sheep's clothing.

Better Call Saul's sad-sack, scene-stealing Suzuki
Looking back at the homely sedan driven by Jimmy McGill in the Breaking Bad prequel.
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