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VW Is Building an Electric Race Car for Pikes Peak

After a 30-year absence from the sport, VW is returning to the world's most famous hillclimb.

Why Electric Cars Are Better Than Gas-Powered Cars
Sure, the range anxiety and lack of sound might be deal-breakers, bu…
This Is Audi's New Formula E Factory Race Car
The Audi E-Tron FE04 is the first electric race car from the company…
Jaguar Is Turning the i-PACE Into a Race Car
The I-PACE eTrophy is a one-make support series for Formula E set to…
Felipe Massa Williams
Felipe Massa Says He'll Go to Formula E After F1

The 36-year old Brazilian confirmed he's already spent some time behind the wheel of a Formula E car.

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Mercedes Will Quit DTM in 2019 to Race in Formula E

Mercedes will exit the DTM series at the end of 2018, leaving just BMW and Audi.

BMW Will Finally Join Formula E Next Year

After four seasons of providing safety and medical cars for the series, BMW is finally getting in on the action.

Take a Lap Around the New York Formula E Grand Prix Track

Ride along on a virtual onboard lap through New York's Red Hook street circuit.

Watch This Autonomous Race Car Drive Itself Around the Track

Hop inside the cockpit of this self-driving race car as it laps the Berlin Street Circuit.

Panoz Wants to Race a Battery-Swapping Electric Car at Le Mans Next Year

This could be the first all-electric car to compete at Le Mans. But only, if the race organizers let it in, and it's finished in time.

Marchionne Says Ferrari Needs to Be in Formula E

The Ferrari CEO thinks electrification is going to be part of Ferrari's future no matter what.

McLaren Will Supply New Formula E Batteries With Double the Range

The new 54-kWh batteries will eliminate the mid-race battery swap currently seen in Formula E races.

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Take a Look as Formula E Hoons a Racecar on the Very Ice Caps It's Trying to Save

What's the best way to raise awareness about electric cars and the environment? Formula E thinks its ice donuts.

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