electric vehicles

Watch an Electric Van Smoke a Ferrari and GT-R

Atieva's electric van prototype packs some serious straight-line performance.

You Can Get Farther Than You Think with an EV
A new study suggests that electric vehicles can already cover 87 per…
Mercedes-Benz Announces First All-Electric Big Rig

It can carry 29 tons of cargo and drives up to 124 miles per charge.

Jaguar Gives Up C-X75 Dream to Build Electric Cars
An electric sports sedan, a new crossover, and rear seats for the F-…
The Quickest EV with a License Plate Is an Enfield

Meet the quickest street legal electric car in the world.

Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Won't Get Free Supercharging Access After All

Tesla's Supercharger stations give free, fast charge-ups to Model S and Model X owners, but Model 3 buyers will have to pay.

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North Carolina Biotech Startup Promises a Tesla Model 3 to Every Employee

Practichem, maker of innovative scientific research instruments, offers to lease an all-electric Model 3 for every full-time employee.

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