forza 5

E3: Forza 5 adds the Nürburgring, effective immediately
A short time ago at E3, Microsoft announced that the Nürburgring makes its next-gen console debut today in Forza 5. Here's the launch video. Gamers can download the track now.
New Forza 5 DLC adds Chaparral 2E and Audi RS4
Another month, another round of new cars for Forza 5. See the latest…
Forza 5 Long Beach add-on drops before Sunday's...
Both Tudor USCC and IndyCar will be running at the Long Beach street…
Latest Forza 5 car pack adds Le Mans legend...
Track day specials, muscle cars, and obscure classics: The Forza 5 A…
New 'Smoking Tire' Forza 5 DLC has BMW Z8,...
Forza Motorpsort 5 is a stunner, but its car list is significantly s…
We review Forza Motorsport 5
The franchise received a complete overhaul for the latest console generation. Is it next-gen flash or an immersive driving experience?
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Upcoming Forza 5 update adds new modes and cheaper cars
Turn 10 is getting ready to deliver the first major update to Forza 5, and it features a ton of tweaks and two new racing types.
Can Forza 5 win players with quality instead of quantity?
We take a look at why Forza 5 will have fewer tracks and cars than Forza 4, and how Turn 10 is trying to usher in the next-generation o…
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