Pastrana Shatters Mt. Washington Hillclimb Record

He was able to do the run 24 seconds faster than the previous record holder. That's a lot of time.

Watch This R34 Skyline GT-R Fly Up a Hillclimb

It seems there's nothing Skylines can't do.

Mount Washington Fiesta ST Hillclimb
The hillclimb event only comes once every three years. Prepare yours…
Toyota 2JZ-Powered Lancia Hillclimber
Talk about sacrilege. Glorious, turbocharged, 1000-horsepower sacril…
image image
Watch This Porsche 911 GT3-R Go Flat Out
Even with old worn out tires and the wrong suspension settings, this…
Witness the Greatest Facepalm in All of Motorsports

Camouflage jacket guy's reaction is identical to ours.

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