honda ev-ster

Kei is for Cute
Kei class cars may be small, but they stole much of the limelight at Tokyo.
10 Best Cars at Tokyo
Always entertaining, and more eco-friendly than ever before.
Highlight Reel: 2011 Tokyo Auto Show
Fun and funky, that's the Tokyo show!
Honda EV-STER: An Electric Beat? – 2011 Tokyo...
In Japan, there is a class of 660-cc subcompacts called Kei cars. On…
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Honda EV-Ster Concept: 2011 Tokyo Auto Show
Honda is emphasizing that the EV-STER is just a concept, but we think it looks like a modern interpretation of the Beat.
Honda EV-Ster Video
An electric Beat?
Highlights: 2011 Tokyo Auto Show Video
Fun and funky, that's the Tokyo show!
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