Honda CR-X

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Honda: Please Bring Back the CRX

A light modern Honda two-seat hatchback would be fantastic to drive.

Toyota Yaris GRMN Gets Lotus Elise Engine
The engine found in Toyota's latest Euro hot hatch is the same 209-h…
The i30 N Could Be One of the Best Hot Hatches
There's no way for us to know, since we're not getting it in America…
The Ford Fiesta ST Is Not Coming to America
In fact, it seems no version of the Fiesta will make it to our shore…
Megane RS Gets Four-Wheel Steering and 276 HP

It also looks really cool. And no, it's still not coming to the U.S.

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The 1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye Is Better than the Porsche 911R

Porsche's ultimate 911 doesn't stand a chance against this old French hatchback. Chris Harris explains why.

The Civic Type R Didn't Get a Dual Clutch Because It Would Be Too Heavy

Honda tried to make a case for an automatic gearbox in the Type R, but weight ruled it out.

This Hot Hatch Faceoff Proves AWD Doesn't Always Make a Car Faster

It might help with grip and stability, but all-wheel-drive also adds weight and complexity.

Watch Volkswagen Break its Own Front-Wheel-Drive Nurburgring Lap Record

The GTI Clubsport S shows itself up with a 7:47.19 Nordschleife lap time.

Mountune Upgrades Push the Focus RS Into Supercar Territory

With just a few bolt-ons, this hot hatch is pushing some serious numbers down the road.

Mountune's Big Turbo Kit For The Fiesta ST Gives it 280 Horsepower

If you love the Fiesta but aren't sure about the power, Mountune's got you covered.

Here's How Much Power a Ford Focus RS Actually Puts Down on a Dyno

The stock numbers are no joke, but a few simple mods really wake this car up.

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Here's the Golf R vs. Focus RS Drag Race You've Been Waiting For

The two hottest hatches on the market finally go toe-to-toe on the drag strip.

Live in NY: Close-up with the 2016 Ford Focus RS
The first U.S. appearance of the "more than 315-hp" Ford Focus RS is happening right now in New York, and our man on the ground is Twee…
Honda to import Civic hatches from the UK to America
Look for the mainline Civic Sport to head over, and likely the Civic Type R, as Honda looks to North America to make up for lost Europe…
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2017 Ford Fiesta RS - Spy-Photo Gallery
You knew Ford wasn't going to stop the RS train after only the Focus hopped on. The long-rumored 2017 Fiesta RS may have been spotted, …
Ford Focus RS "Drift Mode" explained
You're not Ken Block, but this makes it easier to play pretend.
The fastest FWD car around the 'Ring? It's this Honda
Honda says this preproduction 2015 Civic Type R is identical to the street car. Watch it lap the 'Ring in a FWD record-setting 7:50.
306-hp Honda Civic Type R taunts us from Europe
The Honda Civic Si we can buy in America makes a respectable 205 all-motor hp. Europe gets the all-new turbocharged Civic Type R with …
A video tour of the amazing new 2016 Ford Focus RS
EVO gives us an inside look at the Ford Focus RS, including a brief tease at what its turbocharged engine sounds like.
UPDATE: The Ford Focus RS: 345 HP, AWD, and U.S.-bound
Here's everything you need to know about Ford's newest, hottest hatch: The 2017 Focus RS, finally coming to the U.S. market.
2016 Ford Focus RS - Photos & Video
It's real. It's got "at least" 315 hp, torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, and it's headed to US dealerships. The all-new Ford Focus RS l…
Ford Focus RS expected to debut in Geneva
The Ford Performance barrage at Detroit? That was just the beginning. The next salvo comes in March, when the company will reportedly u…