jaguar e-type

Meet the Man Who Built the Jaguar E-Type Hearse

Since the original 1965 XK-E hearse was crashed in the movie Harold and Maude, somebody had to bring it back to life.

What If Your Co-Driver Is a 9-Time Le Mans Champ?

And what if your car is from 1961, and it's raining outside?

JD Classics Made a New 5-Speed for Vintage Jaguars
It's lighter, it's tighter, and JD Classics's new gearbox will fit a…
Inside JLR's Not-So-Secret Crazy Car Collection
What used to be the extravagant collection of a British doctor becam…
This Is What 20 Years of Neglect Does to an E-Type

Old cars and humid climates don't go well together.

Jaguar reveals brand-new lightweight E-Types
Jaguar's latest pet project is finishing up the original run of lightweight E-Types. Cars that were never built are now rolling out of …
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PHOTOS: 2014 Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
A dozen photos of Jaguar's gorgeous, brand-new lightweight E-Type.
New legislation would ban Jaguar E-Type from downtown London
London mayor Boris Johnson wants to stop pollution in his city, which is admirable. To help do so, he would ban all classic cars from t…
Recreating the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
In the newest video from Petrolicious, you'll hear the story of Jason Len's recreation of a Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.
Buy this race-legal E-Type coupe and an "ultimate" duffle
Rugged and completely waterproof, with a welded main compartment, and perfect for a weekend getawaythe duffle, that is. The Jaguar is n…
Go Lutz Yourself
Need help? Hell yeah, you do. So why not ask the world's most outspoken car guy? Bob Lutz tackles reader questions and dispenses advice…
A Quartet of E-Type Jaguars – 2012 Monterey Auctions
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, – In which Jaguar would you like to go? We have four from which to choose. They are all Series 1 cars – arguably…
Lightweight Alloy E-Type Seeks New Owner
Photos courtesy of H&H Classic Car Auctions Described as without question one of the most desirable Jaguar E-Types to come to open …
Cars We Love: Richard M. Baron's Picks
Forget about rationality; these cars steal our hearts.
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The Good, the Bad and the Lovely
Jags E-Type on its 50th birthday: reveling in its beauty but acknowledging the warts too.
Jaguar and Bentley Want You to Eat and Sleep in Style
There was a time when manufacturers offered owners little more than an umbrella, maybe a hat or jacket, emblazoned with the brand to di…
Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion
Jaguar history is on display and on the track. If its the third weekend in August, this must be the weekend of the Rolex Monterey Motor…
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Jaguar Celebrates E-Type's 50th Anniversary at Monterey
Jaguar expects more than 65 historic Jaguar race cars will participate, either on track or on display, including at least 7 Jaguar C-Ty…
Jaguar Celebrates E-Type's 50th Anniversary at Monterey
Over the years the E-Type Jaguar (aka XKE) has won many accolades as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Indeed none other than E…
Jaguar E-Type Celebrations Continue
Theres barely a classic car meeting in the UK this summer that isnt celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type. It was celeb…
Moving Motor Show at Goodwood
Ive just returned from Goodwoods Moving Motor Show which leads up to the Festival of Speed this coming weekend and where punters get th…
E-Type or Cayman?
Thats a tough choice, selecting between two iconic sports cars even if theyre separated by nearly half a century of automotive developm…
Silverstone classic.10
Silverstone Classic
Celebrating its 21st anniversary the organizers claim this years Silverstone Classic race weekend (July 22-24) will be worlds biggest c…
Sports Cars of the Future: 2013 Jaguar XE
We don't expect to see the production version of Jaguar's new XE until 2013.

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