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Photos: 2014 Mazda 3
The rest of the compact segment has reason to worry, because the brand-new 2014 Mazda 3 isnt just engineered to compete, its built to win. We drive the plucky new 3.
Cover blown, the Mazda3 bows for the press shots
Embargoes are made to be broken, apparently, and we can credit the C…
2014 Mazda3
View photos of the all new 2014 Mazda3 ahead of its official unveil.
Ford Focus ST vs. Volkswagen GTI vs. Mazdaspeed3
Does the new Focus ST have what it takes to de-throne two proven per…
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Fun, Frugal and Relatively Fast: 2012 Mazda3 I Touring
#5 - Steering is the best of the group, weighting up predictably and conveying that just-so road feel.
The Best Fun, Frugal and Relatively Fast Cars
All eight cars get 30 mpg. But which has the most cojones?
Countdown: The Best Fun, Frugal and Relatively Fast Cars
We test the best fun, inexpensive and relatively fast cars that you can buy right now.
Internal Combustion Engines Aren't Going Away
Though often cast in the past as a villain in attempts to improve fuel economy, a new report suggests the internal combustion engine (I…
New Mazda Models for 2013
New Mazda Models for 2013
The definitive 2013 research guide to the new cars by Mazda.
The Real Spin on Mazda for 2013
Mazda makes it a habit of building fun-to-drive vehicles. But can Mazda, and its new SkyActiv technology, help translate this sporty na…
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The Best Fun, Frugal and Relatively Fast Cars Video
We test and reveal the best fun, inexpensive and relatively fast cars that you can buy right now.
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2012 Mazda3
Sedan and 5-Door blend Zoom Zoom with SkyActiv technology.
2012 Mazda3 Pricing Announced
2012 Mazda3 Pricing Announced
Good news for fans of the Mazda3 the 2012 models starting price is lower than that of the model it replaces. The refreshed 2012 Mazda3…
New York Auto Show: SkyActiv Mazda3
Minus a hybrid, Mazda turns to more efficient ICE engineering. Mazda officially joined the 40 mpg club at this years New York Auto Show…
Mazda Videos
Get the latest Road & Track video coverage on production vehicles and concepts from Mazda.
Photos: 2010 Mazda 3
This new car will help us forget about the old car,
Photos: 2010 Mazda3
We expected favorable dynamics from this Mazda, but we were caught off guard by the attractive new interior.
Get Ready for the Hybrid Wars
If The Graduate were remade, it'd be 'Batteries,' not 'Plastics.'
2010 Mazda Mazda3 s
The new Mazda3 maintains its top spot in the compact segment.
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